Rita Row


Rita Row was born in Figueres (Girona) in June 2013 and is made up of its two halves, Imma Serra and Xènia Semis. Rita likes comfort, quality, and unique clothing. She is a modern, hard-working, sensitive to details, and free woman. Locally made clothing is uniquely positioned for increased ethical consciousness. There is great value to be found in locally made fashion. Not just in terms of the creativity of these products, but also in terms of supporting local economy and employment, while also reducing fashion’s environmental impact. Ethical and Sustainable Production. Responsible trade. All our garments are manufactured between Spain and Portugal, ethically produced, and people who work in the textile production chain have access to a fair wage, security, and decent working conditions.

Rita Row tries to keep the supply chain as sustainable as possible, the goal is to achieve fair, safe, and healthy conditions throughout the whole chain. Ethical process and products with recycled and ecological content are prioritized to minimize environmental impact.