About Companions

Reliable Companionship
About Companions is built on personal values, so integrity is in our DNA since day one:
Fair Work
All our manufacturers are family-owned businesses based in Šiauliai, Taurage (both LT) and Barcelos (PT), who truly are experts in their craft. For many years we have been working hand in hand and are welcomed regularly at their bustling ateliers. These close and trustful relationships are the foundation on which we ensure fair working conditions and the substantial quality of all our goods.
Durable products
All pieces are made to become reliable favorites, worn in and out for many seasons.
Well-designed Classics
We put our expertise into perfecting casual classics, like shirting, jackets, knitwear, jersey tops and trousers, carefully refining our fits and details until they live up to our ethics as well as our taste. That is how ethical pieces become long lasting companions
Exceptional Fabrics
We use exceptional fabrics made from  sustainable and low impact fibres only. After years of developing our own  sustainable textiles, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer truly ethical menswear, designed from the fibre on.
Ethical Products
About Companions offers ethical  alternatives to regular wasteful menswear. That is why, instead of greenwashing, we developed a transparent impact key.